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Bernie Sanders: Biden Will Defeat Trump but It’s Not a Slam-Dunk

Bernie Sanders: Biden Will Defeat Trump but It’s Not a Slam-Dunk

There are currently no credible polls that show Donald Trump leading in the 2020 election. There are, however, a number of polls that show Joe Biden leading the incumbent by more than 10 points. The last time a presidential candidate won the popular vote by double digits was in 1984 when Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale by 18%.

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Bernie Sanders, the runner-up in the last two Democratic primaries has been a big supporter of Biden. He thinks that the Democratic challenger will defeat Trump, but it is no “slam-dunk.”

The Vermont senator made the comments while speaking with PBS’ Margaret Hoover. “I think there is a strong chance that…[Biden] will win,” he said. “Am I here to tell you, ‘Absolutely, this is a slam dunk, no chance that he will lose?’ That’s not what I’m saying.”

Sanders also said that Biden should be speaking more about what he will do upon being elected. “That means speaking about an economic program, which Biden has,” he said. “It is not as strong as I would like it—it’s not the Bernie Sanders program, despite what Trump will tell you—but it is a strong program that will improve life for many millions of people.”

The progressive lawmaker finished his comments, “We have got to bring all elements of American society together, including the business community, and say, ‘You know what…we will have a fierce debate about the future of America, but it will be done within the framework of a democratic rule of law society.'”

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You can watch the entire video below, courtesy of PBS:


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