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Bernie Sanders Becomes First Candidate to Receive 1 Million Unique Donations

Bernie Sanders Becomes First Candidate to Receive 1 Million Unique Donations

Bernie Sanders launched his initial campaign to become President in April of 2015. The Vermont senator has always painted himself as someone who does not operate like other political candidates. One of the main differentiators for Sanders is the way he fundraises.

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As the Vermont senator believes that money has an out sized effect on politics, he has sworn off donations from large companies. The Sanders campaign relies on a large number of small scale donation. This week, the Democratic hopeful announced that he has become the first political candidate to receive donations from 1 million unique donors.

The Sanders campaign’s Faiz Shakir said,

“Our strength is in numbers, and that is why Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who is able to say his campaign will rely only on grassroots funding in both the primary and against Donald Trump. Like all campaigns we are beholden to our donors, and we’re proud to stand with 1 million working people.”

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Sanders has also pledged to not accept donations over $200 from healthcare executives. The candidate said, “It seems to me that if we are going to break the stranglehold of corporate interests over the health care needs of the American people, we have got to confront a Washington culture that is corrupt that puts profits ahead of the needs of the people.”

The Vermont senator encouraged all of his primary opponents to do the same. He continued, “I am calling on every Democratic candidate in this election to join me in rejecting money from the insurance and drug companies.”

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