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Bernie Sanders Feuds With Former Goldman Head Lloyd Blankfien

Bernie Sanders Feuds With Former Goldman Head Lloyd Blankfien

Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, stands as one of true leaders of the progressive movement within the Democratic party. Part of his appeal has been his willingness to take on the heads of major investment banking firms.

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Sanders recently published a link of negative comments made about him by people involved in high finance. The list was meant to show anti-endorsements, proving that Sanders fights against tax cuts and benefits for the super rich. Former Goldman Sachs head, Lloyd Blankfein was chuffed by his inclusion on the list and got into a Twitter spat with the Democratic candidate.

Blankfein wrote about his inclusion, “Don’t know why Sen. Sanders picks on a retiree like me. I think he’s always looked down on me because he grew up in a fancier neighborhood in Brooklyn.”

A perturbed Sanders responded to the ex-Goldman head by writing, “Actually, my concern has to do with the fact that you had no problem getting bailed out by working Americans, while you’ve been picking on them by advocating for cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.”

This response bothered Blankfein who told Sanders that they are more similar than they are different. “Didn’t know I was against all those necessary and well-established social programs,” wrote the former banker. “Actually, I think we have more in common than you think…..two self-made millionaires from Brooklyn who lean a bit to the left!”

As of now, Sanders has gotten the last word in. The nominee tweeted a video of the former Goldman head and wrote, “This must be someone else. My mistake.”




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