Bernie Goes Full Tilt For Biden’s Education, Healthcare Plans

We all remember how in 2016 populist progressive firebrand Bernie Sanders galvanized a movement.

However, hindsight is always 20/20, and it could be that the longest-running Independent Senator in the United States Senate may be opting to realize that the damage he did to Hillary Clinton’s campaign may be in part responsible for the election of who he calls “the most dangerous president” we have ever seen in Donald Trump.

US Senate/Wikimedia

This go around, Bernie ran a fierce, competitive campaign — but unlike last time, he has dropped out of the race to clear the path to the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination for President Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden.

Not only has Bernie abandoned his bid for the presidency, but he has also full-throatedly endorsed Biden’s plans for two of his own signature issues: healthcare reform and relief for students. Bernie said:

“The vice president is listening to many of the concerns that low-income people and working people and young people have and beginning to move in their direction. He is now on board in making public colleges and universities tuition-free for folks who are under $125,000 a year. He’s on board for cancelling student debt for those who have been at public colleges and universities and HBCU’s. I would have gone, obviously, a lot further, but that is a movement in the right direction, not far enough to my mind but it is a movement, an important movement. Today he announced that he would support reducing the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 down to 60. Again, a step in the right direction. There are millions and millions of people, 62, 64 years of age who desperately want to get into Medicare. They will be able to do it again.”

It seems that Sanders has tapped into what is realistic in the current climate, and is ready to endorse Biden and work to help the former Vice President defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

While speaking with MSNBC, Sanders seemed ready to get behind Biden a million percent, which is a stance many questioned when he finally started touting his 2016 support for Hillary Clinton.

Bernie learned a few lessons, and he realized that he not only had no real path to the nomination, but that all Democrats must have one thing on our minds: Defeating Trump.

Watch the clip below:

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