Ben Shapiro Roasted Over “Dry-A** Turkey” Video

Ben Shapiro is branching out. In addition to playing the role of outrage-jockey over popular music, he’s now sampling the part of cooking show host. Unfortunately for Shapiro, he’s the one getting roasted.

Ben Shapiro is not happy about putting his hands inside a turkey.
[Screenshot via Ben Shapiro/YouTube]

Ben posted a photo of himself preparing to cook a Thanksgiving turkey to his Instagram on Thursday, teasing that he’d be following with a video on Friday. The full video is here, but be warned — it’s a sponsored video, which he also uses to advertise the Daily Wire. Viewers should also beware it’s absolutely packed with Shapiro’s brand of attempts at humor.

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Well, there wasn’t any chance that photo wouldn’t get memed. Sure enough, people a lot funnier than Ben Shapiro grabbed the pic and ran with it, with many referring back to his shock and horror at the “WAP” video and lyrics (if you haven’t seen him falling apart trying to read them, that’s here), and to his insistence that his doctor wife assured him the song was referring to a medical abberation.

Of course, Shapiro was just naturally the subject of plenty of mockery just for being himself.

So, how weird is the video? Ben’s attempted jokes, in the excruciatingly-long nine minutes, include suggesting that the reason for rinsing and patting dry the bird must be that it was accidentally dropped in a vat of urine, that drying the meat with a cloth is somehow a Clinton joke, and that he’s a platinum award-winning rapper. There are some funny moments though — such as the expression of apparent disgust when Shapiro has to insert his hand into the turkey’s body cavity, and the moment he discovers the neck.

Is the turkey too moist for Ben Shapiro's tastes?
[Screenshot: Ben Shapiro/YouTube]

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