Ben Shapiro: Newsom Nominated Laphonza Butler Because's 'She's a Black Lesbian' Who Checks The Right Boxes

During his Monday program, Ben Shapiro derided the placement of Laphonza Butler into the US Senate, claiming it was done because she is a Black lesbian. 

Dianne Feinstein died over the weekend and Governor Gavin Newsom chose Laphonza Butler. Butler has significant experience as a labor organizer and also served as a regent for the University of California. She was currently serving as the President of Emily's List, a PAC supporting female candidates. 

Unsurprisingly, Conservatives quickly began to dogwhistle about the placement including Ben Shapiro. He said during his Daily Wire show on Monday, "Now, who the hell is Laphonza Butler? Laphonza Butler is a lesbian Democratic strategist and advisor to Kamala Harris' 2020 presidential campaign."

Shapiro continued, "She is the only Black woman serving in the US Senate, according to the AP, and the first openly LGBTQ person to represent California in the chamber. She leads EMILY's List, so all she does is abortion."

The pundit closed:

"The reason Gavin Newsom did this, obviously -- he checks the box that says Black woman. He also doesn't endorse Barbara Lee, so he doesn't have to piss off Adam Schiff and his crowd. So, clever pick by Gavin Newsom, who definitely is not running in 2024 guys. He's definitely not running or hoping that Joe Biden will simply keel over and open things up. So, again, clever political move by -- by Gavin Newsom, but demonstrative, once again, of the fact that the way to get ahead inside the Democratic Party is to have some pretty excellent intersectional credentials."