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Ben Shapiro Is Now Complaining That The FDA Approved COVID-19 Vaccines Too Slowly

Ben Shapiro Is Now Complaining That The FDA Approved COVID-19 Vaccines Too Slowly

Ben Shapiro’s support of vaccination against COVID-19 has never been quite in line with views expressed by most media personalities on the right. Now, while others on the right are complaining that the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine opens doors for mandates, and right-wing media has even speculated on whether the approval was ‘rushed,’Shapiro is making a diametrically opposite complaint.

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Shapiro’s complaint, in fact, is that the FDA took so long to fully approve a vaccine which has been available for months under emergency use authorization. He emphasized that his complaint isn’t about the safety of the vaccines, but the time taken to approve them fully — by an agency he says “couldn’t find its own a** if given a map.”

Shapiro, who has been sharing views on vaccination (pro-vax) for years, presumably knows that approval is a process, and can perhaps be sped up in some situations, but not rushed.

Though Shapiro has spoken in opposition to so-called ‘vaccine passports,’ he has also maintained that people should get vaccinated, and that the vaccine denialism we see in certain media is “insane.”

However, his opinion didn’t sit well with pretty much anyone anywhere on the political or vaccine spectrum.


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Responses were predominantly in two categories: those who still feel that the vaccine is unsafe, and want Shapiro to acknowledge it was “rushed” or that it was approved (they believe) only for political reasons, and those who’d like him to acknowledge the amount of work put into getting it approved so quickly.

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