Ben Shapiro Is Actually Super Worried Women Might Actually Enjoy Sex

Right-wing political commentator Ben Shapiro spent a segment of his show recently reading the lyrics of rapper Cardi B’s song, WAP. The title stands for a line of lyrics that describe sexual arousal. This seemed to worry Shapiro significantly, and he went on to tweet, suggesting that the body’s natural processes to prepare for intercourse are in some way indicative of a medical condition.

Ben Shapiro says female arousal is scary
[Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images]

The lyrics are explicit. Obviously in media certain language can result in deplatforming or losing sponsors, so it’s understandable that, when Shapiro read out the lyrics on his show, he was careful to replace lyrics with “p-word” and “effing,” for example. (In fact, we’ve censored one word below that he read verbatim.) However, the video went viral less for his specific language choice than his apparent discomfort — “It gets significantly, significantly more vulgar. Like, a lot more vulgar,” he warns, while nodding and tapping his cheek.

After reading a few more lines, in which the singer describes things she’d like a partner to do to her, Shapiro begins to mock, saying, “This is what the feminist movement was all about. It’s not really about women being treated as independent, full, rounded human beings, it’s about wet-a** p-word. And if you say anything differently, it’s because you’re a misogynist. It gets really, uh, really really really really vulgar.”

As the internet laughed about Shapiro’s apparent discomfort with the idea of a woman telling a partner what she wants, he tried to explain, managing to make it worse, by suggesting that the self-lubrication reaction to sexual arousal is a sign of disease.

Even this opinion, Ben refused to take personal responsibility for, passing the buck instead to his wife. Twitter let him have it for this, too.

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