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Ben Shapiro Compares Trump To Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’ Character — Did He Forget The Ending?

Ben Shapiro Compares Trump To Will Smith’s ‘I Am Legend’ Character — Did He Forget The Ending?

Ben Shapiro is trying to cover himself after apparently forgetting how Will Smith’s character in I Am Legend finishes up. In a tweet, the right-wing political commentator joked that Trump would use his own antibodies developed during his illness with COVID-19 to cure the virus and save America, then win the election in all 50 states.

Ben Shapiro thinks Trump is like Neville
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After Ben Shapiro’s tweet, social media users were very quick to point out that in the story, Robert Neville doesn’t end up as part of anyone’s ‘happy ever after’ scene. Spoiler alert: he dies.

In fact, not only does Neville die, but depending on whether you’re watching the 2007 movie or reading the 1954 novel by Richard Matheson, he either sacrifices his life, or is slated to be executed for his actions.

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The movie ending that most people are familiar with was actually changed from the novel to make it ‘less dark.’ The story is about a post-virus world, where many have been changed into what we would call vampires. The main character, Robert Neville, is a survivor, one of the rare few who wasn’t changed. He goes about his life killing vampires and seeing himself as a hero. At the end of the book, he comes to understand the vampires have reformed their own society — he’s the outsider, he’s the villain, and he’s to be executed for killing so many.

After getting called out by so many, Shapiro began posting again to pretend he was just making a joke, and that it went over everyone’s head. It was the people pointing out Ben’s misunderstanding of the plot who were really missing the point, he suggested.

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