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Ben Carson Claims He Hesitated to Send Patients Back to Baltimore

Ben Carson Claims He Hesitated to Send Patients Back to Baltimore

During the 2016 Republican nomination process, Trump opponents like Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio ferociously attacked the now President. Dr. Ben Carson, however seemed to have a cordial relationship with Trump.This relationship led to Carson being tapped to become the Director of Housing and Urban Development.

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The former pediatric neurosurgeon at one time worked at John Hopkins University hospital in Maryland. Carson used this experience to defend Donald Trump’s recent claim that Baltimore was “infested.”

The former surgeon appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and defended the President. He told Carlson, “As a pediatric neurosurgeon, I spent many hours, sometimes operating all night long, trying to give children of Baltimore and other places around the world a second chance at life. And usually we were successful.”

Carson then continued, “But a few days later, I was in a horrible dilemma, because some of those kids had to go back into homes in East Baltimore that were infested with rats and roaches and ticks and mold and lead and violence.”

The former Doctor said in May that he would be leaving the White House position once Trump ends his term. Carson feels that he could have a bigger influence back in private practice.

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He said in a statement, “Donald J. Trump hired me to do a job as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and we are making tremendous progress ensuring our most vulnerable citizens are empowered with a path to self-sufficiency. I always stand ready to serve this great president and the United States of America.”


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