Belarusian Escort With Purported Info On Russian Meddling Detained In Moscow

Belarusian model, escort, and “sex expert” Nastya Rybka — sometimes known as Anastasia Vashukevich — was arrested in Moscow on Thursday after being deported from Thailand.

Rybka was en route to Minsk, Belarus, along with at least three other individuals, when her plane made a stop in Russia. At that point, she and those three were arrested by authorities, and charged with “inducement into prostitution,” a crime that could land them up to six years in prison each, according to the Washington Post.

Rybka was once allegedly a person of interest in the investigation looking into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. She had claimed that she had recordings of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska engaging in discussions with unknown Americans, talking about ways in which they could interfere with said elections.

Per previous reporting from Hill Reporter, Deripaska is believed to be tied to those Russian meddling efforts. The FBI had also been pursuing him, as far back as 2014, as a person who could have served as an informant to their investigations.

The content of the recordings she allegedly had weren’t ever divulged, and there is no proof as of yet that anything illegal transpired on those recordings.

Rybka had planned to work with Mueller and the Russia investigation, but changed her mind abruptly in August 2018, a move many suspect occurred due to receiving a payout from an unknown Russian actor.

The escort had been in prison in Thailand for the past nine months, the Post reported. She was previously arrested during a sex training seminar, charged with conspiracy and soliciting prostitution.

Earlier this week, she pleaded guilty to those charges, understanding that it would force her to be deported out of the country. She had hoped to go home to Belarus, not to Russia, as she feared what might happen to her if she was detained by the Russian government.

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