Belarusian Escort Connected to Mueller Investigation Will be Deported From Thailand

Belarusian escort, Nastya Rybka was found guilty on charges of soliciting sex in a Thai court on Tuesday. Rybka first came into public view back in March when she claimed she had recordings tying oligarch, Oleg Deripaska to US election meddling.

The Office of The President of Russia

Rybka stopped cooperating with United States officials in August of 2018. It was reported that she may have received a payoff from Russian officials.

Upon her conviction, Rybka will be deported from Thailand, it is unknown whether she will be deported to Russia or Belarus. She had previously stated that her life would be in danger if she was sent to Russia. Rybka’s deportation also likely means Mueller and his team will never get the chance to interview her.

On her Instagram page, the escort, “describes herself as a writer, Deripaska‚Äôs mistress, and the next president of Russia.” Her social media channel page sometimes featured videos of her on a yacht with Deripaska and other Russian businessmen.

Deripaska has often been closely tied to Russian meddling efforts. In September, it was reported that the FBI and DOJ had been targeting him as a potential informant since 2014.

The oligarch was also closely tied to former Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort. According to Time Magazine, Manafort was over $19 million in debt to Deripaska and may have offered access as a form of repayment.

Both Deripaska and his aluminum company, Rusal, had been sanctioned by the US for meddling in the 2016 elections. In December of 2018, the White House announced plans to remove the sanctions from Rusal, though Deripaska would still remain on the list.

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