Basketball Star Steph Curry Conducts Interview With Dr. Fauci

During this time of year, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are preparing for another deep championship run. That isn’t the case at the moment as the NBA had postponed it’s season until a later date.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

That doesn’t mean that Curry isn’t spending his time off from the sport in a valuable way. The superstar point guard recently interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci on his Instagram Live page.

The basketball star asked Fauci for his take on stay and home orders. The Doctor replied, “This is serious business, we are not overreacting. I’d like to get the people in the country to realize that we’re dealing with a serious problem…I want to get rid of that misconception that there’s extremes.”

Fauci also talked about the NBA’s decision to stop the season for an extended period of time. When asked by Curry what would need to happen for sports to return, he replied:

“What you need is to see the trajectory of the curve start to come down. We’ve seen that in China. They went up in down and are starting to get back to some normal life. They have to be careful they don’t re-introduce the virus back into China. But they’re on the other side of the curve. Korea is starting to do that, they’re starting to come down. Europe, particularly Italy, are in a terrible situation. They’re still going way up.”

You can watch a clip of the interview here:

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