Baseball HOFer Frank Thomas Responds After Fox News Mistakenly Reports Him Dead

Hall of Fame designated hitter Frank Thomas responded after the Fox News network mistakenly reported him as dead. 

The Frank Thomas who died was also an excellent player, though he plied his trade in the 1950s and 1960s and was 93 years-old at the time of his death. It shouldn't have been hard to run a quick fact check before the report, but Fox failed to do so. 

During Fox's Faulkner Focus show, the network told viewers that the 1990s version of Thomas had died. They also ran a video showing Thomas on the field as well as moments from his Hall of Fame ceremony. 

Later in the show, host Julie Banderas told viewers, "We also need to quickly issue a correction in the ‘in memoriam’ feature that we showed just a few minutes ago. We misidentified the late Frank Thomas, the three-time all-star for the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Frank Thomas we showed you, unfortunately, was also a former pro baseball player. He is very much alive. We apologize for that mistake."

Thomas, who previously worked for Fox Sports, wrote on X, "Ladies and Gentlemen I’m very sorry my ex-employer Fox would be this irresponsible on National TV this morning, Yes I’m alive and doing well. This blows my mind also."