Barr’s Justice Department Will Not Investigate Police Departments For Brutality

Last Week an unarmed black man named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Floyd died after officer Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. The death was caught on video which went viral and sparked nationwide protests against police brutality. For years activists have called for the Justice Department to investigate police departments for police brutality and other forms of corruption. Trump’s Justice Department is refusing to do it, however.


This is in stark contrast to the 12 investigations that occurred under George W. Bush and 15 that took place under Obama. Those investigations took place during each President’s first term. Trump has only had one in his first term.

Emily Gunston, who is a former Justice Department official for Obama said to CNN, “It’s an abdication of their responsibility.”

A second former prosecutor for the Justice Department said that DOJ needs to  “examine the Minneapolis Police Department from top to bottom, every detail, every practice, every policy, every record of abuse of its power to use force, every complaint that has ever been launched against it.” They added, “But it isn’t going to do that.”

This concerns many as it has come to light that the Minneapolis Police Department has knelt on the necks of at least 44 other people over five years. The most concerning part for many is that 60 percent of the 44 were black. In the eyes of many Americans, this shows a pattern of deadly behavior by the police in Minneapolis that needs to be investigated.

Derek Chauvin has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder but protests continue as many Americans do not think the charge is good enough. DOJ will no doubt keep facing criticism for not investigating police practices.

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