Barack Obama Thwacks Donald Trump for Threatening to Fire Anthony Fauci

Former President Barack Obama pummeled President Donald Trump on Monday over his threat to fire Doctor Anthony Fauci if he wins a second term.

Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Trump said Sunday night to jeers of “fire Fauci, fire Fauci” from his supporters:

Don’t tell anybody but let me wait until a little bit after the election. I appreciate your advice. No, he’s been wrong on a lot. He’s a nice man but he’s been wrong on a lot.

Obama, speaking at a campaign stop in Atlanta, Georgia for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, jabbed Trump for “declaring victory” over COVID-19, which has killed more than 236,000 Americans. “How’d that turn out?”

Obama said that “America deserves better than this,” referring to Trump’s universal incompetence. “Georgia, you deserve better than this,” he added.

Obama showed no mercy in his remarks.

“Last night, on his COVID-spreader tour, he’s going around spreading COVID, he’s like a carrier, because he cares more about having big crowds than he does about keeping people safe,” Obama said of the president, “he told his supporters, ‘don’t tell anybody, but he’s gonna fire Dr. Fauci after the election.”

As people booed, Obama paused to remind them: “Don’t boo, Vote!”

Obama continued:

So just in case you were concerned that Trump had been taking COVID too seriously, he’s stated publicly he’s gonna fire the one person in the Administration – was a carry-over, was also the president [of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] when I was in there, helped me deal with Ebola and H1N1, was one of the people who was on the front lines of dealing with HIV/AIDS, one of the world’s leading experts on infectious disease, one of the few people in this Administration who has been taking this seriously all along, and what did he say – his second term term plan is to fire that guy.

I mean they’ve already said they’re not going to contain the pandemic. Now they want to fire the one person who can actually help them contain the pandemic. So Georgia, if you think they’ve done a bad job at managing COVID so far, basically what they’re telling you now is you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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