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Bannon May Talk to J6 Committee, But Ex-Prosecutor Has a Warning [VIDEO]

Bannon May Talk to J6 Committee, But Ex-Prosecutor Has a Warning [VIDEO]

It has been a number of years since Steve Bannon was unceremoniously fired by former President Donald Trump. The former campaign adviser, however, still remains an important voice in MAGA world. And for many months, Bannon refused to talk to the January 6th Commission.

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But on Friday, it was revealed that the Republican pundit might come to an agreement to speak to the Congressional group. One ex-prosecutor, though, is warning that this could be a ploy to blow up the committee.

Host Ari Melber asked the former prosecutor John Flannery, “How do you interpret what seems to me to be a pretty major Washington Post story tonight, Friday night, John, that basically suggests that as soon as tomorrow, Bannon might fold and try to cooperate?”

“Cooperate is where I stop,” Flannery said, “because I have to see it. Consider the fact that executive privilege is granted by Biden, the present president, and so it is irrelevant that Trump does this, so why does Trump do it? Trump does it because that is what Bannon has said already and he wants it to happen and why does he want it to happen since they both know what they did together?”

The former prosecutor continued, “So, my feeling as a prosecutor would be this is a Trojan horse, coming into spread nonsense and to try to come in from inside, blow up the investigation.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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