Bannon: GOP is going to Force Trump to Make Nikki Haley His VP

During a recent discussion with Jack Posobiec, Steve Bannon said that far-right Republicans are going to have to fight back against attempts to make Nikki Haley Donald Trump's running mate. 

Donald Trump has a severe problem with women voters. And that problem likely didn't get any better after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade. Many in the GOP assume that the former President can be softened by the presence of a female running mate. And Nikki Haley is performing reasonably well in polls. 

Bannon told Posobiec, "They’re gonna try to force Nikki on the ticket. They’ll say Trump needs a woman, Nikki on the ticket, she balances things and she can bring together that 15% of Never Trumpers in the Republican party. We’re going to have to have that fight."

The former Trump staffer continued:

"If Nikki Haley is in this administration in any capacity, it will fail. She’s a viper. She’s a viper and once she gets in there, she’ll try to run it as prime minister. She’ll try to be Dick Cheney. Her to Trump will be just like Dick Cheney to Bush. That’s what she’ll try to do."

Now that Haley has started to poll well, the Trump campaign is on the attack against her. Still, it is hard to see Haley defeating the former President in the primary without Trump being convicted of a crime. And t wouldn't be a surprise to see the ambitious Haley accept a roll in Trump's administration.