Baltimore Mayor To President Trump: Please Stay home!”

Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young does not want President Trump to visit his city. The Democratic Mayor expressed his view to the President in a tweet on Thursday. The tweet read, “Please stay home!” Mayor Young went on to say that President Trump was sending, “the wrong message to our residents, many of whom have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 virus.

Young went on to say, “I wish that the President, as our nation’s leader, would set a positive example and not travel during this holiday weekend.”  Mayor Young is also concerned with the cost of a Presidential visit while Baltimore is dealing with the high cost of fighting the pandemic. According to young, Baltimore is “still dealing with the loss of roughly $20 million in revenue per month.”

On the other hand, Mayor Young is prepared if Trump does visit. He said, “I would hope that the President would change his mind and decide to remain at home. If he decides, however, to move forward with his scheduled trip to Baltimore we will, of course, be prepared for his visit.”

Trump and Young are not strangers. Young blasted Trump when he criticized the city of Baltimore. President Trump got into a verbal battle with the late Elijah Cummings who he called a “brutal bully.” Trump also called Baltimore, “rodent-infested.”

Young blasted back at Trump saying, “If you want to help us, help us. Don’t talk about us. Send the resources that we need to rebuild America. He’s talking about he wants to make America great again. Put the money in the cities that need it the most, and that way you can make America great again.”

We will see if Trump chooses to visit Baltimore anytime soon.

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