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Bald Eagle Cemeteries? Trump Laughably Attempts To Make Windmills Unpatriotic

Bald Eagle Cemeteries? Trump Laughably Attempts To Make Windmills Unpatriotic

President Donald Trump is not a fan of using windmills as a renewable energy source. In April of this year, he claimed that the noise created by wind turbines is known to cause cancer, a blatant lie with absolutely no supporting evidence.

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During a Tuesday meeting with Connecticut natural gas suppliers, Trump once again went on the attack. The president told the group that windmills kill wildlife and are essentially bird cemeteries.

Trump first took aim at Democrats who are promoting the Green New Deal, comparing it to the Mueller Report. The president said, “You are under assault. And now they talk about the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal. Everybody go home, you just lost your Jobs. The Green New Deal, that’s a hoax like the hoax I just went through.”


The POTUS then claimed that natural gas suppliers would be victimized by the legislation. “Under that deal, everybody in this room gets fired,” said Trump “They don’t like clean, beautiful natural gas. They don’t like anything.”

The president then continued with another anti-windmill tangent. “You want to see a bird cemetery,” Trump asked. “Go under a windmill sometime. You will see the saddest, you got every type of bird. You know, in California you go to jail for five years if you kill a bald eagle. You go under a windmill, you see them all over the place. Not a good situation.”

Trump has made the connection between eagle deaths and wind farms in the past. During his campaign, he said that windmills are killing eagles, “by the hundreds.” Politifact found that while some eagles are killed by wind farms, the president’s number is a wild exaggeration.

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Trump is not incorrect in noting that windmills do in fact cause bird deaths. Experts estimate that windmills cause an estimated 214,000 to 368,000 bird deaths every year. In comparison, cell phone towers lead to approximately 6.8 million bird deaths annually.

Cats, according to a study published by USA Today, kill an estimated 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds annually, just to put Trump’s catastrophic claims into a new light.

By taking aim at bald eagles, Trump is once again up to his old games, claiming that a symbol of American patriotism is under attack while not-so-subtly suggesting that true American patriots, or rather, those in his base who believe they are true patriots, take action immediately.

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