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Bad News For Trump: Americans Are More Liberal Than Ever Recorded, Report Says

Bad News For Trump: Americans Are More Liberal Than Ever Recorded, Report Says

In March of this year, President Donald Trump tweeted out an interesting statistic.

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Trump pointed out in his social media post that he had a “93% Approval Rating in the Republican Party.” That’s a curious thing to tweet about, given that he’s only citing the opinions of people within his own political party.

Trump is not unaccustomed to posting statistics that contain dubious findings. His insistence on tweeting only polls that are outliers or show support for his presidency has also been duly noted.

Although he probably didn’t realize it at the time, there may be a reason why so many polls he has avoided promoting tend to show dissatisfaction with his presidency: Americans are moving further to the left.

The transition is so overwhelming, in fact, that, according to the Public Policy Mood estimate, released earlier this week, Americans are actually more liberal than they’ve ever been since the measure began almost 70 years ago.

“The annual estimate for 2018 is the most liberal ever recorded in the 68 year history of Mood, just slightly higher than the previous high point of 1961,” Jim Stimson, the creator of the series, explained. “It represents the expected leftward movement in thermostatic reaction to the Presidency of Donald Trump.”

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But not all of the movement can be attributed to Trump, Stimson went on to say, because the Mood also measures Americans’ attitudes on a number of issues unrelated to current events.

“It should not be taken, however, as only a personal reaction to Trump because its defining items are the issues of American politics of earlier generations, the New Deal and Great Society agenda,” Stimson said.

He also warned that “the estimates do not include Trump’s signature issues of immigration restriction and trade protectionism.”

However, most polling on those issues show Americans are opposed to both the idea of tariffs and of Trump’s immigration policies.

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