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Bad Actor: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says There Was ‘No Planning’ for Jan 6th & ‘Everyone Was Unarmed’

Bad Actor: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says There Was ‘No Planning’ for Jan 6th & ‘Everyone Was Unarmed’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) bullied her way into Congress, but instead of acting like a demure freshman, she made herself stand out in the worst possible way. Despite repeated warnings, she was stripped of all of her committee assignments. Now all she does is whine on social media and the House floor. But Marge is really kicking the Qrazy up a notch now that she knows the January 6th Select Committee has her phone records from the War Party she helped to plan.

You can almost smell the desperation wafting from Greene’s tweets–she stooped as low as to mock the President of the United States over showerheads on Saturday morning, because she doesn’t understand how water pressure works–and she’s taking the projection language and gaslighting to a whole ‘nother level of the stratosphere by actually saying out loud that the insurrection wasn’t planned and everyone showed up with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the red hats on their hands. No weapons, no violence, says Marjorie Manson, despite countless hours of footage showing otherwise. Plus, we know Mark Meadows has a major counter-Power Point to that argument, don’t we?

In a new unhinged post on Facebook, Greene says “If a group of elected officials, who support the second amendment, actually organized an insurrection with the people who own guns, then they would have brought guns to the so called ‘planned insurrection.’ There was no planning and we ALL denounced the riot. The real issue is that the Capitol was left unprotected by those in charge of protecting it. Denying President Trump’s pre-J6 requests of bringing in the National Guard put everyone in danger. And the bad actors incited the riot. The American people aren’t buying the lies.”

And then Twitter said:

At least 85 people are charged with carrying or using a weapon during the Capitol riots, but when have facts ever mattered to this Qrazy person?

It’s going to be nothing but desperate projection from Greene & the rest of the January 6th Goon Squad, and the Twitter gloves are off for good.

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