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Back at it Again: Joe Rogan Says Children Shouldn’t Be Getting COVID Vaccine [VIDEO]

Back at it Again: Joe Rogan Says Children Shouldn’t Be Getting COVID Vaccine [VIDEO]

Soon after receiving a $100 million contract from Spotify, Joe Rogan became one of the highest profile anti-vaccine personalities in the country. The podcast host eventually contracted the illness himself and claimed he treated his COVID with hydroxychloroquine (he also used monoclonal antibodies, which have proven to be successful in many cases).

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During a recent show, Rogan again spent time railing against vaccines. He was upset that vaccines are now available for children. He began, “Just shows you that this is a for-profit endeavor. And the amount of profit that’s been generated by these pharmaceutical drug companies during this crisis from selling vaccines is f*cking crazy, which is why it’s terrifying that they’re now trying to give it to children.”

The podcaster continued:

“And they’re trying to say that children need it when they don’t. They don’t need it. The children, they keep saying 700 children have died from COVID. The children that have died from COVID, without exception, any that I’ve read, almost all of them will say — let’s say that to be safe — almost all of them had severe comorbidities. They were either, they had leukemia. They had cancer. There was something seriously wrong with them, and they died of COVID. They were amazingly obese. Whatever it was. It’s not like a, it’s not a disease that is very dangerous for most healthy young kids. It’s not.”

While the risk of dying from COVID is low in children, many with no comorbidities have died. Many kids have are also suffering with cases of long haul COVID.

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Watch a clip of the segment below:

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