“#BabyGate” Trends As New Border Around The White House Is Relentlessly Mocked

The only real wall Donald Trump has actually managed to build these days is the nearly two miles of perimeter fencing he’s had put around the White Houe recently. It didn’t take the internet long to give the President an immediate tease about his big new beautiful gate. Faced not only with a pandemic and record unemployment numbers, the President continues to face rising protests outside of the White House walls.

Many parents have used “baby gates” as a way to keep toddlers and infants from getting into dangerous situations, and the analogy didn’t take long to catch on with Twitter users, who labeled the fence quickly as #BabyGate.

Keeping the President safe and inside the White House has lately been quite a topic for social media. The President has been accused of hiding in the White House. The lights in the White House were recently shut off, apparently to make the chanting protesters outside think that perhaps there was nobody home. Since installing the fence, the attacks on Trump continue to be relentless.

Some of the mockings took on a more humorous tone…

While #BabyGate is beginning to trend on Twitter, over the past several days the President has also been labeled as #BunkerBoy and #BunkerBitch. All of these nicknames come as a result of the President’s reportedly haven been taken to the underground bunker in the White House, reportedly for his own protection, a claim which Trump himself has denied.

Trump’s version of his visit to the bunker was that it an “inspection.” The President has claimed to have spent only a “tiny” amount of time in a reinforced security bunker under the White House as protesters clashed with Secret Service agents outside and he has insisted his time there was for an “inspection”, not his own safety. In an interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on his radio show on Wednesday, Trump also claimed to have visited the bunker in the daytime, not after dark, when protesters and law enforcement officers clashed outside the executive mansion.

Either way, he now has #BabyGate to protect him…say the jokesters.

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