Baby Elephant Gets Lost From Pack, Luckily Rangers Are There To Help

Today we are going to show you an amazing moment that some African rangers experienced after stumbling upon a lost baby elephant. The baby was left behind by his family because he fell down a well and got stuck. Luckily, the rangers came and saved the day!

20. Africa is Beautiful

Africa is one of the most mesmerizing places in the world. The place is filled with wild animals that make every picture of Africa seem like a dream or a movie. Among all those animals, elephants are the most amazing ones.

19. Huge Elephants

The lands of Africa are filled with huge elephants like these ones. They are the biggest animals around and no one wants to mess with them. However, baby elephants sometimes get lost from the pack and they become targets for predators.

18. The Lost Baby Elephant

As previously mentioned, baby elephants sometimes get lost from their families. This is bad news for them because Africa is filled with ferocious predators like tigers and lions who are always hunting for food! Here’s how our story started…

17. African Rangers

Our story starts with a group of African rangers who were out patrolling the jungle. As the rangers were making their rounds, they saw something weird moving in the bushes. What could it be?

16. Something Moving In The Bushes

At first, the rangers were scared to check out what’s moving in the bushes but they soon saw that it was a baby elephant. To make things even weirder, the baby was all alone. Why did his pack leave him behind?

15. A Helping Hand

The rangers stopped their activity and decided to give the baby elephant a helping hand. However, they still had to figure out why he was all alone.

14. Curious Nature

Curious to find out what happened to the baby elephant, the rangers stopped their car and started looking around for clues. After one of them set down some water canisters, he realized what happened!

13. Stuck In A Well

One of the rangers saw that there was a steep well next to the baby elephant. This is when he realized that the baby elephant probably got stuck in there and his family left him behind. Without giving it any second thought, the rangers put some water in a bowl for the poor elephant.

12. Staying Hydrated

The weather is hot in Africa and the rangers wanted to make sure that the elephant was well hydrated. As you can clearly tell, the baby elephant was a bit scared at first. But who could blame him?

11. Feeling Comfortable

The rangers saw that the baby elephant was not feeling okay and they tried comforting him, but this wasn’t working. This is when one of the rangers spotted something far away in the bushes. What could it be?

10. The Elephant’s Family!

The rangers spotted the elephant’s family far away in the bushes, but they were leaving and they didn’t seem to be looking for the baby. Luckily, the rangers got a brilliant idea.

9. Keeping The Baby Elephant Safe

The rangers knew that the only way for them to ensure that the baby elephant is going to be reunited with his family was to tie him to the tree in hopes that they might come back. How do you think the baby elephant reacted to this?

8. The Baby Elephant is Sad

Unfortunately, the baby elephant didn’t understand what was happening and he got sad. On the bright side, it didn’t take him long to realize that the rangers wanted to be his friends.

7. New Friends

The rangers started playing around with the baby elephant and he quickly understood that they didn’t pose a threat to him. You won’t believe how happy the baby elephant looks while drinking water.

6. Big Smile!

As you can clearly tell, the baby elephant was thirsty! To make things even better, the ranger was more than happy to help him out. Just look at how big his smile is!

5. Thirsty Elephant

The ranger pushed the water bowl closer to the baby elephant and without any hesitation, the elephant started drinking. Not only that, but he also started splashing water around which was hilarious!

4. Having Fun With Water

After having a little bit of fun with the water, the family of elephants started walking towards the calf. This was a tense moment because the rangers didn’t know if they will take the baby elephant back, but they took a risk by letting him go loose.

3. Letting Him Loose

Now that the baby elephant was loose, he rushed straight to his family. What happened next will make your heart melt!

2. Family Reunion

Fortunately, the big elephants were more than happy to welcome their long lost baby. After seeing this, the rescuers knew that their mission was complete.

1.Lucky Elephant

We think it’s safe to say that the baby elephant was lucky to be found by the rangers. The elephant’s story would have probably been a lot different if they didn’t show up at the right time.