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AZ Senator Wendy Rogers Takes Conspiracy Nonsense Way Beyond Donald Trump

AZ Senator Wendy Rogers Takes Conspiracy Nonsense Way Beyond Donald Trump

The MAGA movement loves nothing more than a good conspiracy theory — except, perhaps, a really awful conspiracy theory. Wendy Rogers, an Arizona State Senator who is up for re-election this year, and who is something of a rising star in the Trump fandom, is first in line to buy into and promulgate even the most bizarre or outdated of them all.

[Photo by Thomas McKinless/CQ Roll Call].

Rogers seems to have an obsession with the notion of forbidden speech, and the idea that being off-limits (whether as a social norm or a site rule) in itself gives an idea credibility and value. To that end, she frequently announces on her Twitter account that she has “said forbidden stuff” and directs followers to her accounts on Telegram, Gab, and now, Truth Social.

Unfortunately, those “forbidden things” are ultimately not some great insight that the imagined Free Speech Limitation Overlords are blocking the public from hearing about. They’re just rehashings of old right-wing conspiracy theories, without even a new spin or additional information to explain why Rogers agrees with them.

Here, for example, are Rogers’ “forbidden things” for Monday:

[Screenshot via Wendy Rogers/Telegram]

The homophobic and racist hate in calling Michelle Obama and Jacinda Ardern men, and Barack Obama gay, is at least as old as Obama’s first Presidential campaign. Of course, 9/11 conspiracies are over two decades old now — The Conversation covered this recently, noting that these rumors don’t die even after thorough debunking.

The debris from the collapse of the North Tower set at least ten floors alight in the nearby World Trade Center 7 building, or “Building 7”, which also collapsed about seven hours later.

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While there are different theories regarding how the progressive collapse of Building 7 was initiated, there is consensus among investigators fire was the primary cause of failure.

Then, of course, there are current favorites: that Trump won, that Joe Biden is suffering dementia (a backlash due to concerns expressed about Trump’s mental state during his term) and that vaccines are a secret bioweapon that kills recipients (although about three-quarters of the U.S. population has received at least one dose, and the only mass deaths recorded are the now-nearly-one-million from COVID-19).

Though Rogers’ “forbidden” speech doesn’t, by any measure, provide any new information or context that would add to the public conversation, she’s drawing in Trumpers in droves, and AZMirror reported in January that she had raised a record-breaking amount ($2.5 million) for her re-election campaign, with most of that coming from out of state.

It’s a frightening momentum from a state legislator who is relying entirely on wild conspiracy theories to build a base.

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