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Axios Founder: Trump is Realizing That No One Cares What He Has to Say Anymore

Axios Founder: Trump is Realizing That No One Cares What He Has to Say Anymore

When Donald Trump was in the White House, he had the world’s biggest megaphone. Not only did he still have his Twitter account, he had a full press team pushing all of his thoughts out into the mainstream.

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Things have been much more difficult for the former president since he’s been out of office. After he lost his Twitter account, he started a website that failed spectacularly. And it seems like he’s willing to give speeches to anyone at Mar-a-Lago that is willing to listen. According to Jim VandeHei, Trump is coming to grips with the fact that no one cares what he has to say.

The Axios founder made the comments during a Friday morning appearance on MSNBC. He told host Alicia Menendez, “I think it’s definitely about his reach. He’s having a hard time getting through. In general, we’re seeing it with our own traffic at Axios, every media company is seeing: people are just not that interested in politics. People are no longer obsessed with what Donald Trump has to say.”

The pundit continued, “It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a massive following inside the Republican Party, but people just don’t care. He put out that statement yesterday in regards to China and [Dr. Anthony] Fauci and basically saying that the Chinese should pay the American people and the world $10 trillion, because in his words, they created the virus, and it just doesn’t get the bang for the buck that it used to for him.”

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Watch a clip of the comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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