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Avenatti: Tucker Carlson Falsely Hiding Behind His Family

Avenatti: Tucker Carlson Falsely Hiding Behind His Family

Tucker Carlson

Attorney Michael Avenatti accused Tucker Carlson of fabricating facts regarding his alleged assault on his client, a gay latino immigrant.

“As a father of two teenage daughters myself, I find it disgraceful that Tucker seeks to justify his behavior by falsely hiding behind his family. #Coward,” Avenatti tweeted.

Avenatti is investigating an alleged assault committed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and/or members of his inner circle, according to the Hill Reporter. The incident that took place at the Farmington County Club in Virginia last month.

Tucker Carlson
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Avenatti published a statement by his client in which his client said, “Tucker Carlson’s explanation of what transpired at the Farmington County Club in Virginia on Octoboer 13 is a complete fabrication.”

Avenatti’s client said he never called any member of Carlson’s family any names.

“I never called his daughter or son a “cunt” or “whore” or anything approximating that. I certainly never apologized for using those words or admitted to saying them because I never said them. Many witnesses support this fact. Tucker has created this story out of thin air–it never happened.”
Tucker’s daughter never “returned to the table in tears” as he claims, said Avenatti’s client, who claims that Tucker’s son and Tucker, along with an unidentified “friend,” were the aggressors.

“I never threatened any of them. When one views the video, you can clearly see whom is being aggressive. I am seated calmly,” said Avenatti’s client.

“Tucker threatened me with physical violence and told me to ‘Go back to where you came from’ before another person started filming the incident,” said Avenatti’s client. “On the video, Tucker is shown yelling various profanities at me and threatening me. Tucker’s friend is seen grabbing me, yanking me off my chair and also threatening physical violence while another patron says there is no need for physical violence.”

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Finally, Avenatti’s client said he intends on pursuing possible assault charges against Carlson and assault and battery charges against Carlson’s son and the “friend.”

Avenatti alleges the incident “likely includes underage drinking in violation of VA law” and that Carlson’s son and daughter were present and that his son committed assault and battery, while his daughter was “drinking underage” with Tucker’s “assistance and knowledge.”

Carlson denies the allegations.

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