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Avenatti Literally Jumps on a Plane to Guatemala in Order to Reunite a Family

Avenatti Literally Jumps on a Plane to Guatemala in Order to Reunite a Family

While Fox News simply refers to him as the “porn star lawyer”, attorney Michael Avenatti has been much more than just that during his career.  In fact, Avenatti has been one of the nation’s most successful lawyers over the past several years, winning over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements.  This includes a $454 million fraud verdict in Los Angeles last year.

While the right throws insults and bogus allegations at Avenatti, he has quickly made a name for himself as an opponent of President Trump.  Whether it’s representing adult film star Stormy Daniels, or announcing a possible run for President in 2020, Avenatti certainly has caught the attention of both Democrats and Republicans alike.

One of the latest challenges that Avenatti has taken up, is his defense of parents who have been separated from their children at America’s southern border.  He has represented numerous families in an attempt to help reunify those who have been separated by the Trump administration’s policies.

One case which he has been working on, alongside human rights lawyer Ricardo de Anda, is that of a 25-year-old mother named Elsa Johana Ortiz Enriquez and her 9-year-old son named Antony who fled to America from Guatemala back in May.  Guatemala is a country torn with gang violence and government corruption.  Emigrants of Guatemala flee to America, oftentimes with their families, to seek safety and security under a government that is supposed to follow a moral rule of law.  Under Trump, however, many of these asylum requests have been reciprocated with inhumane treatment and, up until recently, family separations.

Avenatti and de Anda have been fighting for Elsa and Antony for quite some time.  In May the mother and child were separated from each other, and then on June 6 Elsa was deported back to Guatemala without Antony.  Avenatti and de Anda were forced to fight the U.S. Government in court, just to allow Antony and Elsa to be united again.  They had been separated for 80 days.

“It has not been easy to be separated,” Elsa said earlier this month. “I’ve never been separated from him before.”

Elsa said that Antony had been struggling emotionally, dealing with life without his mother.  Elsa was able to speak to her son on the phone.

“At times he says he is desperate. He doesn’t want to be there.”

Yesterday Antony and Elsa got some great news, thanks to Michael Avenatti and Ricardo de Anda, who have been fighting the government tooth and nail in order to reunify their family.

Appearing in court on Tuesday, the team of lawyers originally hit a brick wall.

“I appeared in (court) today to attempt to allow us to take our client Antony home to mom in Guatemala TODAY. The govt opposed our request – he will now have to stay perhaps another 2 mos here. He hasn’t seen his mom in 81 days, Avenatti tweeted. “Trump and his cronies have no heart.”

de Anda clarified the situation more, explaining that:

“The government opposed Antony’s speedy reunion with his mom because it’s the government’s objective to terrorize refugee families as as a form of cruel deterrence. Antony and the other children in jail can be assured we will fight the government until their nightmare is over.  The government lawyer refused to give a reason to the court when we asked why he refused to allow to let us immediately take the child to his mother. But no secret as to why. Session’s DOJ is all in on terrorizing refugees to deter them from seeking protection on US soil.”

After a couple hours of negotiating, however, Avenatti and team were finally able to convince the government to grant him custody and allow him to fly with Antony back to Guatemala in order to be reunited with his mother.

Then just four hours later, Avenatti, was in a Texas airport with Antony, boarding a flight to Guatemala.

Several hours after that, Antony and Elsa were able to embrace for the first time in 80+ days, home in Guatemala with Avenatti by their side.

Avenatti continues to raise funds, via donations, to help other families affected by the Trump Administraton’s policies. While Trump separated children from their parents, and his doing little to rectify the situation, Michael Avenatti is unifying them. Who would you consider to be the better leader?  That’s up to you to decide.

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