Avenatti Expelled from Detention Facility As He Tried to Meet with Child Clients

Attorney Michael Avenatti has made a name for himself, not only as the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, but also in his quest to seek justice for dozens of immigrant children that the Trump administration has separated from their parents. Avenatti, who is representing at least 60 immigrant families, has in the past, leaked images, audio recordings and videos from within one particular child detention facility — the Cayuga Center in Harlem, New York. These videos have shed light on some of the cruelty that has taken place under the Trump administration’s child separation policy, but this morning things took yet another turn.

Image: Courtesy of Ricardo de Anda

As Avenatti and his co-counsel, Ricardo de Anda, sought to meet with two of his Honduran clients, 5-year-old Serli and 9-year-old Cecia, he was denied access to them, and abruptly escorted out of the facility by the NYPD. To make matters worse, Avenatti claims that the meeting was ‘pre-scheduled’.

Mr. Avenatti is is trying to reunite these children with their father Hector Tejeda Santos, who says that he instructed his pregnant wife and two children to flee Honduras in an effort to live a better life in the United States. Things didn’t go as planned, and in June his family was detained near the Mexican border, where his wife was then taken to Port Isabel Detention Center while his two daughters were transported all the way up to the Cayuga foster care center in Harlem, New York.

Shortly after Mr. Avenatti turned to Twitter to explained how he had been kept from meeting with his clients, he received a phone call from the Cayuga Center, welcoming him in.  It appears as if the negative press may have spurred quick action into this matter.

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