Avenatti: Cohen Tapes Contain ‘very damaging admissions’ By Trump on ‘critical issues’

Less than an hour ago, news broke that the Special Master reviewing evidence obtained from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, has released “12 audio items” recovered from the raid of Cohen’s office on April 9, 2018, to prosecutors.

Hill Reporter reached out to Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti who previously confirmed that multiple recordings were in existence and were obtained by the FBI in their raid to get further information on what he may know in regards to these additional recordings.

“The tapes contain very damaging admissions made by Donald Trump, Michael Cohen and others as to a number of critical issues,” Avenatti tells Hill Reporter.

Avenatti did not go into detail as for what these “tapes” include, but apparently it doesn’t appear to be good news for Donald Trump.  Additionally, the fact that 12 tapes have been released by the Special Master, does not mean that there are not additional tapes recovered that could be released on a future date.


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