Audio Recording Proves Trump is Lying about The Sun Interview Tapes

This morning, President Trump took the stage in the United Kingdom for a press conference next to British Prime Minister Theresa May.  He was asked about comments he had made to The Sun in which he criticized the Prime Minister’s handling of Brexit.  Trump then went on to deny The Sun’s reporting, claiming he never actually criticized May, and saying, “Fortunately, we tend to record stories now… we record when we deal with reporters. It’s called ‘fake news'”.  He went on to say that he has the audio recordings and can provide them to the media if they’d like.  You can watch Trump’s comments below.

Before he had the chance to release his so-called “audio” recordings, however, The Sun released the recordings of the interview themselves.  The interview, which can be viewed below, thanks to MSNBC’s Morning Joe, prove that Trump in fact did criticize May, and that there was absolutely nothing fake about the original article from The Sun.

You can decide for yourself. Did Trump criticize Prime Minister Theresa May, or was it “fake news”?  The answer seems pretty obvious.

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