[AUDIO] “God Is Punishing Trump With COVID And Unrest For Middle East Decisions,” Michelle Bachmann Claims

The former Congresswoman from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann, has up until recently shown great support for President Trump. That all has seemed to change as she is now saying that Trump has invited God’s wrath. Bachmann is claiming that the coronavirus and the George Floyd protests are punishment for Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East. She made the comments during an appearance on  Jan Markell’s “Understanding the Times” radio show on Sunday.

Bachmann holds the position of “Pastor to the United Nations” and says that everything going on is the result of God being angry at the U.S for the Middle East peace plan. She said, “On Jan, 28, 2020, a plan was revealed that envisioned a dividing of the covenant land and a division of Jerusalem. Since that time, we have seen nothing but distress. The Bible speaks of that in Zechariah: Anyone who burdens themselves with a division of Jerusalem will be cut themselves upon a rock. Nations will be destroyed,  Isaiah 60 says, if they do not follow the word of God. Messiah will judge nations, Psalm 2:12 says. It’s very clear. That’s why this warning was given to various high officials prior to the release of this plan. Now warnings are given again that perhaps this distress could be removed from our nation if we would withdraw the maps in this plan that envision the division of the biblical land and the division of Jerusalem.”

She continued, “Jerusalem is an eternal, undivided city and must never be divided. I would call upon the White House to withdraw that plan, and it just may be that the Lord and his grace and mercy may likely lift the distress upon our land even in our time and resume his hand of favor, which was so clear and evident until Jan. 28, 2020. That is my request. That is my prayer. I love our president. I pray for him daily. I just ask the question: In light of scripture, in light of the day that we live in, could it be that this distress could have in part been caused by this? And could it be that this distress would be relieved if action would be taken to come into conformity with a clear word of God?”

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