[AUDIO] Glenn Beck Wanted To Restore Our Covenant With God But COVID Thwarted His Plans

Glenn Beck announced over a year ago that he was planning an event for Summer 2020 in which those faithful who attended would assist him in rekindling America’s covenant with God. Beck said in July of 2019, “We have to repeat [George] Washington and [Abraham] Lincoln. We have to do it right and we, as a people, need to gather together and do it. So, next summer, we are going to do it.”

The event was to be called “Restoring the Covenant” and would have taken place on July 4 2020 in Gettysburg, PA. According to Beck, a miracle from God would be required to make the event possible though it is not known what that miracle would be. Beck would only say that it was all a part of God’s mysterious plan. Beck stated, “I know I am supposed to do another Restoring event and that event is Restoring The Covenant, and it’s supposed to happen in Gettysburg, and it’s supposed to happen on July 4. It’s just going to take a miracle. Pray for a miracle. I don’t want to tell you what it has to be because I think God wants me to understand, ‘It has nothing to do with you.’ And he wants, I believe, to show his power. So pray.”

Beck soon got his unknown miracle and was moving forward with the event until the coronavirus caused the entire event to be cancelled. Beck says he still wants to rekindle America’s covenant with God but that he may have to settle for doing a T.V. special.

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