Attorneys All The Way Down: Rudy Giuliani Turns To Another Trump Lawyer For Advice

It’s not the first time one of Donald Trump’s attorneys has needed legal representation of his own. Now Rudy Giuliani is turning to another of the former president’s defenders — and one who might arguably be as notorious for his connections to Trump as Giuliani is himself.

[Photo by Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images]

According to the Daily Beast, Giuliani is seeking Alan Dershowitz’s aid after Federal agents raided his home and office, seizing electronic devices. Dershowitz says he’s not officially representing Giuliani but will give him some advice regarding the constitutionality of such a raid.

Dershowitz defended Trump in his first impeachment trial, and shares another, darker, connection in that both have been accused of sexual abuse of underage girls provided by the late Jeffrey Epstein. Both have denied the charges, and Dershowitz has publically attacked his accuser, calling her, Local 10 reported at the time, a “serial liar,” and “a prostitute” and suggesting she’s not a fit mother for her children.

Dershowitz stated that he is not Giuliani’s attorney of record, but there is no official word on who Rudy will choose for representation. At this time there have been no charges, and Giuliani has called for an investigation of the Department of Justice for opening an investigation into his activities.

Another former Trump attorney, Michael Cohen, who faced his own charges for actions carried out on Trump’s behalf, said on Thursday that he believes Giuliani’s devices will contain incriminating information that he was too much of “an idiot” to delete, and that once pressed, Giuliani will flip and turn on Trump.

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