Attorney General of Texas Says Gun Stores Are Essential and Need to Stay Open

Many states in the country have asked businesses that are non-essential to close to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Some states have left what’s an essential business up to interpretation.

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This includes the state of Texas, which has not made a shelter in place declaration, but wants some offices to close their doors. This led to some questions from local lawmakers. When he was recently asked, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that he believed that gun stores were an essential need.

Paxton was asked to weigh in on the situation by State Rep. Dustin Burrows. Burrows wrote, “Having access to tools of self-protection, hunting and for keeping your property safe and secure is always essential. It’s even more essential for access during times of uncertainty and emergency.”

The Attorney General agreed with the Representative. Paxton, who has an A+ from the NRA, said:

“State law provides several emergency powers to local governments to control movement within their region during a disaster, which serves our communities well during public health events like the one we’re fighting now.However, local regulation of the sale, possession, and ownership of firearms is specifically prohibited under Texas law.”

Other states, including California, have deemed gun stores to be non-essential during the COVID-19 crisis.

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