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AT&T Announces It Will Comply With Jan 6th Committee Subpoena For GOP Phone Records

AT&T Announces It Will Comply With Jan 6th Committee Subpoena For GOP Phone Records

When it comes to holding the current version of what’s passing for the Republican Party accountable, using their own words against them is always the most effective tactic. We may lament technology and blame it for the huge disconnect social media has actually created instead of bringing people closer (we can argue that another time), but sometimes it’s kind of the greatest thing ever, especially when it delivers a heaping serving of schadenfreude along with it. And the dominos are only beginning to fall.

Now that those Mark Meadows texts are out in the world–really, did you enjoy how tasty those were?–there’s already been a whole lot of scrambling, backpedaling, and a few bodies tossed under buses, and it’s only been a couple of days since we found out. But then the House Select Committee went ahead and kept going with burning down the House and Senate GOP with a subpoena for a whole bunch of new phone records, and thankfully AT&T is down to comply.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows speaks on his phone as he waits for US President Donald Trump to depart the White House on October 30, 2020 in Washington, DC. – Trump travels to Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota for campaign rallies. (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP) (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Eleven House Republicans were named in the subpoena to AT&T, which requests the social media records along with texts and phone records. One of the members, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, has already admitted via his office to sending at least one text to Meadows on January 6th after the text was partially publicized by the House Select Committee.

The brand new information being shared by the Committee is the result of hundreds of hours interviewing hundreds of witnesses, so while people might have complained their silence meant they were doing nothing, it actually meant they were way too busy to tell us what was going on, plus they wanted to have something really valid and incriminating to share before going public.


The finger-pointing was already getting sharp on Tuesday night when a terrified Sean Hannity slipped and admitted what happened at the Capitol was a “riot” while Dan Bongino accused Geraldo of not being on the treasony side of things. But the news that AT&T is all in on helping the Committee is extra fun, because of how they’re all going to have to work extra hard to spin THEIR OWN TEXTS, especially those who have used social media as their own personal abattoir for human decency in the name of doing a patriotism.

Yeah, Madge is bigly scared. They can’t deny the texts exists, and pretending won’t really work for them because we all know about them already, so it’s all about scapegoating the most convenient warm body. During a Tuesday interview on OAN, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) spoke about the text messages that Fox News hosts sent to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows as she calmly stood with her friends and enjoyed the riot. In the messages, hosts Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade, and Sean Hannity begged Trump to call off the attack by issuing a public statement. Greene said that the messages prove that the former guy is “innocent.”

“I think the text messages just completely show that President Trump is innocent,” Greene spun without actually explaining herself. “All of us are innocent. The riot shouldn’t have happened and we were all against it just like we’ve said all along.”

Sure, Madge. We’ll just wait and see what your own texts say, thanks to AT&T.

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