Atlantic Editor: Stephen Miller Would Be Incredibly Powerful in a Second Trump White House [VIDEO]

During Donald Trump's time in office, he employed a number of terrible people. Few were more hated than Stephen Miller. Even Miller's own uncle wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post ripping his nephew's beliefs on immigration. 

Miller has also stayed close to Trump since he's been out of office and still works with him. If Trump is able to get back into the White House, the staffer would certainly be in for an important role. 

Jeffrey Goldberg from The Atlantic discussed Miller on Monday's edition of Morning Joe. He said of a potential Trump return to power:

"So the number one goal, the first goal, before immigration, before everything else, right? The first goal is to make sure the mechanisms of government can't be used to prosecute Trump or his allies, right? It is going to be a direct frontal assault on the independence of the Justice Department and, by extension, the independence of the entire judicial process."

Goldberg continued, "This is not going to be a situation where, as in the first round, he brought in people like Jim Mattis, Rex Tillerson, John Kelly —adults. No more adults, right? Stephen Miller could be the chief of staff of the White House, we don't know. So the point is, they have been working for years to plot their revenge."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC: