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ATL Mayor: Georgia’s Reopening “Not Based on Anything Logical”

ATL Mayor: Georgia’s Reopening “Not Based on Anything Logical”

Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, has been criticized multiple times for his performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this month, Kemp was slammed for saying that “we just learned” that the coronavirus could be spread asymptomaticly.

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Now, despite having over 18,000 cases of COVID-19, the state is set to start reopening a specific set of businesses. Keisha Bottoms, the Mayor of Atlanta, says she is “perplexed” by the decision and that it’s “not base on anything logical.”

The head of Georgia’s largest city told reporters, “I’ve spoken with several leaders across this state. So we really are at a loss, and I am concerned as a mother and as the mayor of our capital city.”

Bottoms continued, “I’m perplexed that we have opened up in this way. And again, I can’t stress enough, I work very well with our governor, and I look forward to having a better understanding of what his reasoning is. But as I look at the data and as I talk with our public health officials, I don’t see that it’s based on anything that’s logical.”

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Kemp defended his decision on Monday by saying, “I think this is the right approach at the right time. We’re not just throwing the keys back to these business owners. We’re talking about people (who had) the government shut down their business.”

The businesses allowed to reopen in include tattoo parlors, hair salons, massage centers and gyms. The restart to Georgia’s economy may begin as early as this Friday.

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