At Rally, Trump Boasts About Supporters Attacking Biden Campaign Bus

At a rally Sunday, Donald Trump boasted and laughed about his supporters attacking a Biden campaign bus a few days before, trying to run it off the road.

Donald Trump boasts about attack on Biden bus
[Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images]

On Friday, Joe Biden canceled an event in Texas for the safety of his supporters, after trucks bearing Trump flags tried to run the campaign bus off the road. The Texas GOP responded in a statement, with Chairman Allen West saying, “Stop bothering me,” and declaring that the “real violence” is from “leftists” including antifa and Black Lives Matter.

At a rally on Sunday, Trump, who had already tweeted in support of the attack, boasted of it to his fans, calling the attack an act of protection.

“Did you see the way our people you know they were protecting his bus yesterday [here the crowd begins to laugh and cheer] ’cause they’re nice. So his bus….they had hundreds of cars, Trump, Trump, Trump, and the American flag.”

Dr. Eric Cervini shared a video of the attack on Friday, and described what he observed.

According to the Texas Tribune, the FBI has opened an investigation into the actions of ‘Trump Train’ members surrounding the Biden bus in a blatant attempt to intimidate and threaten a presidential candidate’s campaign team. Texas is a particularly contentious state in the presidential race at this point, with polls suggesting that it’s among the historically red states that could flip this election.

NPR reported last week that Texas hasn’t supported a Democratic candidate since 1976, but has had significant population growth since then, and has a lot of young voters who could change the outcome of the state’s elections — and have a significant impact on the national outcome.

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