At Rally, Donald Trump Declares Joe Biden Will Give “Biggest Tax Cut In History”

Donald Trump and his surrogates frequently criticize Joe Biden for mixing up a word or stumbling over a sentence. Biden has been open and honest about his speech difficulties, and pushed through them consistently to get a message through. However, Trump doesn’t mention his own errors. At a rally Monday, he slipped up and told the crowd that Biden would give the biggest tax cut in the history of the U.S.A.

Oops, a tax plan
[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]

Trump has been doing several rallies a day, with barely more than a week until the 2020 election. He’s traveling across the country giving speeches, and he may be getting tired. On Monday, in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, he spoke about how he and his opponent differ on taxes. He seemed to make an error, however, when he declared that Joe Biden would bring the biggest tax cut in the history of the nation.

All my life I watch politicians running. They always say “We are going to cut your taxes.” I got a guy running now…he goes “We will raise your taxes.” I said, “What the hell.” I said, “Did he just say that?” Yeah. He’s going to give you the biggest tax cut in the history of our country.

While Trump has repeatedly claimed that Biden’s tax plan will cost the average family more. However, Biden has published information about his plans on his campaign site, and shared with audiences over and over that the changes he makes won’t increase the tax burden on any families making under $400k a year.

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