At Least 7 People Contracted COVID-19 During Wisconsin’s Forced Vote

COVID-19 has made nearly every aspect of daily life more difficulty. This includes voting. Many states have announced that they will be expanding their vote by mail programs so that people can exercise their franchise in a safe manner.

Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images

Wisconsin wasn’t one of those states, though. Despite the pandemic, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that voting needed tobe done in person on April 7th. The New York Times is now reporting that at least 7 people have contracted coronavirus as a result in being in public that day.

The information came via Milwaukee’s Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik. She revealed that 6 of the people were voters and 1 was a poll worker.

Kowalik said in a statement, “Please note that we only have 30 percent of the data back from new cases as of 4/7 and on. We hope to have these fields complete by Friday and will provide a more complete report then.”

The ruling was heavily criticized at the time by Democratic lawmakers. DNC Chair Tom Perez tweeted, “The DNC and Wisconsin Democrats went to court to try and protect voters, and Republicans fought us at every turn. What is happening in Wisconsin today is dangerous, and the GOP should be ashamed.”

Then Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders also blasted the decision to hold in person voting. The Vermont Senator said in a statement, “It’s outrageous that the Republican legislative leaders and the conservative majority on the Supreme Court in Wisconsin are willing to risk the health and safety of many thousands of Wisconsin voters tomorrow for their own political gain.”


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