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At Florida Rally, Trump Says He Defeated Obama And Rails On About A ‘War On Thanksgiving’

At Florida Rally, Trump Says He Defeated Obama And Rails On About A ‘War On Thanksgiving’

President Donald Trump spoke before thousands of supporters at a campaign rally Tuesday night, where he hit on a number of topics, attacking news organizations and political opponents he has bested in the past — including one he didn’t actually compete against.

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During the rally, which was held in Sunrise, Florida, about an hour south of his Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump slurred a number of his words, including mispronouncing the stock market by calling it the “slock market,” The Inquisitr reported. He also attacked CNN, which resulted in a roar of approval from his supporters.

Trump alluded to a war on Thanksgiving as well, alleging that some were trying to change the name of the holiday.

“As we gather together for Thanksgiving, you know, some people want to change the name ‘Thanksgiving.’ They don’t want to use the term ‘Thanksgiving,’” Trump said. “And that was true also with Christmas. But now everybody’s using Christmas again. Remember this?”

The war on Christmas is an exaggerated claim by conservative Christians who say liberals are trying to secularize the holiday. Such claims come about every year, though many on the right falsely credit Trump with bringing back the use of the term “Merry Christmas” at the White House. Former President Barack Obama used the term every year he was in office.

As HuffPost reported, there isn’t a war on Thanksgiving, and there doesn’t appear to be any effort to change its name. A hoax in 2015 spread online that Obama had tried to do so, but it was debunked by fact-checking points as a blatant lie.

There is a protest that coincides with Thanksgiving, in which Native Americans across the country engage in what they call a “National Day of Mourning” to mark the atrocities that were carried out by the U.S. government against them. Though protesters gather to recognize “the genocide of millions of native people, the theft of native lands and the relentless assault on native culture,” according to reporting from VOA, the movement does not purport to attempt to re-name Thanksgiving.

Trump did not mention the National Day of Mourning at his campaign rally.

Trump also suggested during the rally that he had defeated Obama in 2016, exaggerating his full name while doing so.

Trump said he defeated the Bush dynasty, then the Clinton dynasty. “And then we beat Barack Hussein Obama, and whatever hell dynasty that is,” Trump said.

The current president didn’t run against Obama in 2016. He defeated former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and a number of other Republicans in that party’s primaries, then went on to win the Electoral College in the general election against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump could have been alluding to a number of programs and policies he rescinded from the Obama era upon taking office, but he did not make that clear in his speech.

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