Asylum Seekers Allegedly Being Coerced by the Trump Administration

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They trek 1600 miles, looking for asylum from gang violence, religious persecution, and drug cartels, and when these asylum seekers reach the American border, they are being coerced into signing documents which they can not read.

That’s what is happening at the U.S. border in Texas, according to Asylum Attorney Ricardo de Anda of the de Anda Law Firm.  In a recent interview on KrassenCast, de Anda told Brian and Ed Krassenstein that legitimate asylum seekers are being coerced into signing documents that waive their rights to asylum.

de Anda represents a 27 year old man named David and his 9-year-old son, Byron.  Byron was separated from David at the border, after the two fled Guatemala, seeking asylum from gangs which were persecuting them for being Christians. Byron has remained in detention for over 9 months now.

In a court affidavit David claims that he was coerced into waiving his right to asylum, as he explains below:

“The Border officer told me that if I persisted in my asylum claim they would have to separate Byron and I. He told me that government rules would not allow for me to be released while I asked for asylum, that I would be held for at least two years while my asylum claim was heard by a judge and that I would be separated from Byron during that time.He told me that if I asked for asylum, Byron would be placed for adoption because he could not stay with me in adult detention center. The officer further told me that I could avoid being separated from Byron only if I signed the document in front of me which he said would allow for us to be deported together. Otherwise, he said I would be held and Byron taken from me and put up for adoption.I felt crushed with fear and Byron began to cry.He happens to have a rock-solid asylum claim.It’s basis religious persecution.”

de Anda says both David and Byron’s lives are at danger, as David is currently back in his hometown where gangs have already beaten and threatened him over his Christian values.

“Byron has been in 4 separate facilities, and they are not happy places as well — three in the last two months, and they are not happy places at all,” de Anda told KrassenCast.  “Texas is the child internment capital of the world.”

More details of this account can be heard in Episode 4 of the ‘KrassenCast: How President Trump’s Impeachment Could Unfold & Exposing His Child Separation Policies’ which is now available on iTunes, Youtube and other podcast providers.  It includes the full interview with Ricardo de Anda, as well as a discussion about how President Trump’s impeachment may play out. It can also be heard below:


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