Asked If He’s On Drugs, Donald Trump Jr. Points The Finger At Hunter Biden

When a reporter questioned Donald Trump Jr. about his performance at the Republican National Convention, public speculation about possible drug use came into the conversation. The president’s oldest son had become the subject of social media rumors, with many viewers guessing that his high energy and sweaty face could indicate substance abuse. Trump Jr.’s response was to point a finger at his counterpart, the son of his father’s political opponent.

Donald Trump Jr says Biden's son is on drugs, not him
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

In a RealClearPolitics interview, Don Jr. expressed annoyance that people were talking about his excited speech, flushed appearance, dilated pupils, and shouting, instead of the content of his speech. Responding to speculation that he may have been in a chemically altered state, rather than merely issue a denial, Trump pointed the finger at someone else.

I think they must have me confused with the other candidate’s son.

He claimed that he was being attacked and falsely accused of being on drugs, while Hunter Biden, who Don Jr. described as “a known cokehead,” was given “a total pass.”

Hunter Biden opened up about his struggles with addiction in an interview with ABC News last year. He said that he’s had relapses over the years, and explained that he worries about his own life choices and experiences affecting his father’s campaign. “Everybody has trauma. There’s addiction in every family,” Biden said.

Donald Trump Jr. has used the diversion tactic of pointing at Hunter Biden when drug use has come up in the public opinion before, responding earlier this week to a meme about cocaine use with the same line: “You must have me confused with Hunter Biden.”

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