Asa Hutchinson: GOP Not Helping Trump's 'Fragile Candidacy' With Conviction Response

Last week, Donald Trump was convicted on 34 counts in his New York City trial. The former President was quick to dismiss his conviction as unfair and rigged. His loyal Conservative toadies in the government were quick to come out and parrot his messaging, each looking to earn his favor. 

Asa Hutchinson, the former governor of Arkansas who also sought the 2024 Republican nomination thinks that Conservatives are learning the wrong lesson from the trial results. He discussed the case with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday night. 

"The Republican party right now, they're in a bind," the former Governor said. "Their answer to it is to say...the charges and the convictions are not legitimate — that's a hard case to make."

Hutchinson also criticized RNC leadership for their attacks on Larry Hogan, who called on people to respect the jury's decision, saying, "Larry Hogan is necessary for the Republicans to win the majority of the United States Senate. We need Larry Hogan. Donald Trump, if he's elected president, will need Larry Hogan in the Senate, and so it's very shortsighted to attack him."

The Republican closed the segment by talking about how the conviction could sway the election, "You've got to look at the six key swing states, and how is this going to impact independent voters. Over the long term, [it] can't be healthy for Donald Trump. To me, he's demonstrating that he has a fragile candidacy with these felony convictions."