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As Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Hits Snags, Adam Kinzinger Lays Out Why It Will Ultimately Fail

As Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Hits Snags, Adam Kinzinger Lays Out Why It Will Ultimately Fail

When Donald Trump learned that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook could simply delete his posts for violating site rules, and ultimately could even kick him off the platform for continuing to do so, he started to speculate about creating his own social media platform. Now, it seems he’s close to launch — but the rollout isn’t as smooth as some would-be users might have hoped, and one of Trump’s most vocal critics in the Republican Party says that the whole thing will ultimately fail, for the simplest reason.

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According to Alternet, people trying to join Truth Social are having difficulties — they’re being waitlisted, and the waits seem to be getting longer instead of shorter. Others complain that they weren’t even allowed to make accounts. Even signing up for the waitlist requires agreeing to the Terms of Service for the site though — and those don’t seem to exist yet. Clicking through to read them returns only an error message.

[Screenshot via Truth Social TOS]

Ultimately, though, according to Adam Kinzinger, that’s not why the service — which may actually charge a regular fee or require donations to Republican groups to gain access — will ultimately fail.

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In Kinzinger’s view, the site can be expected to be so flooded with Trump sycophants that even if there are any dissenting voices, they’ll be completely drowned out, and an echo chamber doesn’t really facilitate communication. In no time, he suggests, it will too boring to keep up, and conflict-seeking Trumpophiles will come running back to other social media platforms to find a fight.

For them, he’s got one request: Don’t.

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