As Trump Pushes For Re-opening The Economy, 3-In-4 Americans Support A Long-term National Quarantine

Across the country, hundreds of millions of Americans are under stay-at-home orders, implemented by their respective states’ governors as the country tries to impede the spread of coronavirus.

The White House/Flickr

In total, 19 states, 18 cities, and 45 counties — accounting for 191 million Americans — are under such orders from their governments. That means, aside from getting groceries or doing other necessary actions, all businesses are closed, people are laid off, and everyone is encouraged to stay inside as much as possible in these areas.

But that leaves more than 130 million Americans who aren’t under such orders. And President Donald Trump, against the advice of healthcare experts, thinks it may be time to end social distancing measures altogether for the sake of the economy.

Three-quarters of the country disagrees with him.

According to a Morning Consult poll released on Wednesday, when asked whether they’d support a national quarantine — not just the statewide ones that have been implemented, but one where the entire country is ordered to stay at home — 74 percent of Americans say they support the idea, while only 19 percent say they’re against it.

The idea has bipartisan backing: 72 percent of Republicans back the plan also.

Americans are realistic about how long such a quarantine — the current ones they’re experiencing or the hypothetical idea of a national one — will last, with 45 percent of voters think social distancing will end in the next two to three months. Only 26 percent think social distancing measures will end in the next month or less, as Trump has said it will.

Americans have mixed feelings about Trump’s response to coronavirus so far, too. Forty-two percent rate his actions as “Excellent” or “Good,” while 13 percent give them a middle-of-the-road grade of “Fair.” Meanwhile, nearly an equal amount to his Excellent/Good rate give him a “Poor” rating, with 39 percent saying as much.

Forty-six percent of Americans give Trump a positive approval rating in the poll in general (not just his coronavirus response), while 52 percent say they disapprove of him as president. Fifty percent say they plan to vote for someone other than Trump in this year’s presidential election, while only 41 percent say they plan to vote for him for re-election.

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