As Thousands Of Americans Die, Trump Tries Out A New COVID Bogeyman To Divert Blame — The World Health Organization

Ever the one to shift the blame to anyone but himself, President Donald Trump on Tuesday expressed in a tweet his belief that the World Health Organization bears a lot of the blame for the United States’ current crisis regarding coronavirus.

“The WHO really blew it,” Trump said in his social media posting.

The president also expressed a desire to lower the amount of funding the WHO receives from the United States.

“For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China centric. We will be giving that a good look,” he said.

As Trump made those comments, the total number of deaths from the disease in the United States was approaching 12,000.

The World Health Organization is made up of a 34-member Executive Board, with a set number of representatives from different regions of the world taking part. The idea that WHO is “China centric,” as Trump has put it, is somewhat hard to believe, given that only five members of the board are from the Western Pacific Region, of which China is a part of (along with other nations, like Japan and Australia, for instance). For comparison, the Americas have 6 members on the board.

Of the executive board members the Western Pacific Region presently has on the board, only one of them is from China.

Trump himself has received criticism for the way in which he has handled the U.S. response to coronavirus so far — or rather, the way he has bungled that response. For example, his administration did next to nothing to prepare the country for the pandemic in the 70 days after the initial notification to the White House about the disease was made.

Indeed, during much of that time, Trump frequently lambasted critics who pointed out his words didn’t match what health officials were saying, called it the Democrats’ “new hoax” and telling the country that everything was “under control” before finally determining on March 19 that it was time to declare a national emergency.

Featured image credit: The White House/Flickr

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