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As Robert Mueller Closes In, Sean Hannity Holds Debate on Santa Claus

As Robert Mueller Closes In, Sean Hannity Holds Debate on Santa Claus

In the past, Fox News has been accused of not giving full coverage to negative news for Donald Trump. Between Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo, Michael Cohen’s testimony and multiple gaffes at George H.W. Bush’s funeral, this week has not been kind to the president.

With so many important issues to be covered, Sean Hannity spent much of last night debating Santa Claus. The Fox anchor was following up on a story from earlier this week where a substitute teacher told kids Santa wasn’t real.

Hannity did a segment on the story, attacking the teacher and the school district. During the segment, Hannity claimed, “Academia is run by leftists attempting to indoctrinate children.”

In response to his segment, Psychology Today’s Dr.  David Kyle Johnson wrote a piece entitled, Sorry Sean Hannity, the Truth About Santa Isn’t “Fake News.”

The Doctor stated that the initial lie about Santa Claus could create issues for children as they get older. On Wednesday night, Hannity invited Dr. Johnson on his show to engage in a debate.


Hannity immediately attacked Johnson, “You seem really uptight and you seem like you need to loosen up a little bit and you might want to look through the eyes of a child —the anticipation and the fun that goes along with Christmas and the Christmas season— instead of being so retentive about it.”

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Rachel Campos-Duffy felt that Johnson’s views were anti-religious saying the doctor, “is calling for tolerance and open-mindedness and respect for so many things and yet they can’t seem to find that for Christian traditions and beliefs.”

Dr. Johnson was able to keep his composure. He explained the main issue is, “the best parenting practices are and that parents need to be more cognizant about the risks of lying to their children pose.”

This argument did not seem to sway the raging Hannity who ended the segment claiming Dr. Johnson seemed very angry.

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